The Moj Tolls Privacy Policy

Commercial Use Of The Application:

The application is the product of The Moj Tools and its commercial use would not be allowed. This means that the application is for non-commercial use only. The application would only be allowed for personal use only. The application(s) is non-transferable, non-exclusive and user is allowed to use one copy of the application.

  • Use Limitations:
    The application is limited for personal use and it is not allowed to anyone else to sale or edit or even modify the application for the personal use.
  • Third Party Software:
    By checking acceptance, the user agrees to allow all the third party software(s) or third party services to access the user data for processing the particular feature.

3. Intellectual Property:

This section will define the intellectual property. Intellectual property takes an important place in the whole policy therefore this section will define, elaborate and clarify the intellectual property and related issues.

  • What is intellectual property:
    Intellectual property would be the email addresses, thumb impressions and related stuff. The intellectual property is an asset to us and we do not promote it or share it for personal usage.
  • How to use:
    The Moj Tools would use the intellectual property for processing the application as a whole or any of the feature of the application. The intellectual property data would not be shared with anyone else.
  • Agreement:
    This is agreed by the The Moj Tools that intellectual property data will be an asset and we will not be handed it over to any one even the third party or any agency. The user cannot modify, edit or change any part of the application or the application in full. User cannot sale or market the application without the prior knowledge of The Moj Tools.

4. Terms and Termination:

All terms of the agreement do apply right from installing the application. It is not necessary that the user uses the application or not. Once the application is installed the agreement prevails. The Moj Tools holds the right for modifying, editing or permanently terminating the app at any time without prior notice to the users.

5. Confidentiality:

This agreement would be confidential in nature, it will cover all the all the limitations of use by the user and The Moj Tools. The confidentiality of the intellectual property is the matter of concern for The Moj Tools. We bother about your privacy and confidentiality and take all this as our first priority. We assure the confidentiality of your personal data as we do have it in our custody but in case of hacking of our data server we will not be liable to the security of your data. Any sort of illegal access of data by any means may or may not affect the integrity of data. We ensure that as far as the data is kept with us then it will be in safe hands and we will develop and design every possible aspect and feature to deal with the integrity and security of your intellectual property data.

6. Miscellaneous:

The agreement as a whole is sacred and the user and The Moj Tools. would abide by all the terms and conditions of the agreement. If user would ever found guilty of abusing any part, function or the application as a whole then The Mij Tools deserves the right to file a petition against him/her in a court of the Law.

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